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Smart Farm Assistant

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Max Crop will speed up the settlement of employees wages, in both piecework and hourly work. It has been designed and developed over the years by experts in the field. Based on their own experience in farm management, they invented the system which is simple, effective and efficient.

Jak powstał Max Crop?

How was Max Crop created?

Our goal was simple - we wanted harvest time to end when the goods were delivered to the cold store, without then having to spend long hours on tedious and old-fashioned, paper-based accounting. Besides that, we wanted the piecework and hourly work to be summed up immediately after completing the workday. We concluded that we needed someone or something, like an assistant, who would take over some of the duties and save us time. That is how the Max Crop System works; it is an intelligent assistant that helps employees and the management team and facilitates the settlement of crops and other works.

Max Crop System can provide much more data about the harvest in an incomparably short time and with great accuracy.

How does Max Crop work?

The System allows you to save data such as working time and harvesting fruit/vegetables using a barcode terminal or telephone. This data goes to your computer account. From then on your laptop becomes your portable office, where you have access to all the information you need. Max Crop creates the necessary statements and summaries of data for the selected period.

Thanks to Max Crop, you can quickly assess the expenses and income information, settle your employees, and watch over everything, even when you cannot physically be on the farm.

Max Crop will help you and your team leaders account for your crops, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Jak działa Max Crop?
Czy Max Crop jest rozwiązaniem dla mnie?

Is Max Crop right for me?

Are you tired of settling your accounts with paper and pen? Would you prefer to spend your precious time on something else? If so then Max Crop is definitely for you! The Max Crop System is created to make your working life more manageable. It is very intuitive; you can quickly learn how to use it yourself, implement it and teach it to your employees.

The System will work well for all sorts of fruit and vegetables, in both large and small farms.

Component list

Mobile device - smartphone, tablet, dedicated barcode terminals with the Android system

Mobile devices do not require a permanent connection to the internet. The internet connection is only necessary to send the data to the server, e.g. after work. To use NFC cards and tags, your smartphone must be equipped with an NFC reader.

Computer with an internet connection

The only requirement for a PC is access to the internet, and the current version of one of the leading web browsers on the market, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.

Bar codes

When working with the barcode terminals, we use barcodes as - employee identifiers - codes for marking containers/boxes/trays. It is an additional solution that significantly speeds up work and improves quality through product identification.

What do you gain from Max Crop?

Max Crop increases the competitiveness of the farm, speeds up work and reduces the costs of production and employee management. It helps increase crop control and improves farm planning.

Increasing employee efficiency thanks to continuous monitoring

Simple and intuitive operation of the entire system

Accurate calculation of employees' picking time and working time

Many hours of work saved every day thanks to the immediate calculations

Awareness of the real costs of crops and the profitability, thanks to the access to statistics

"Traceability" - product traceability is simpler due to the use of barcodes on pickers, packaging and rows

System is affordable for any farm

An intelligent assistant that works without a break, reducing management and labour costs

Peace of mind - Constant access to all work data. You log into your account and have access to all the information

100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!


We guarantee 100% satisfaction. The Max Crop System works so well for so many farms that we have confidence in what we say. Therefore we promise to refund your money if you aren't happy with the product.
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We provide you with a system that will be a:

Reliable accountant

will pay employees within a few minutes after work is finished

Irreplaceable team leader

will help organise work on the plantation to increase its efficiency

Faithful analyst

will provide you with detailed data on the collections at any time and in any place

Private economist

will save you money by reducing labour costs

Watchful observer

will carefully monitor the picking progress

Frequently asked questions
I have a small farm with strawberries. I employ up to 25 pickers per season. Will Max Crop work for me?
Yes, of course! Many farms employing 25 people or less successfully use the Max Crop System. Often there are no separate people assigned to supervise the work in smaller farms or to look after the accounts. This means the Intelligent Assistant will be even more helpful for you.
I grow many varieties of fruit and vegetables on the farm, incl. blueberries, strawberries and cherries. I also plan to plant asparagus this year. I plan to hire between 150 and 200 pickers this season. I have around 30 employees on the farm in the after-harvest period who work in an "hourly system". I wonder if the system will help me only during picking, or out of season too?
Yes, it will be helpful all year round. The Max Crop System records data such as working time and picking information and helps organise all the information that is collected in the "field". Thanks to this, you can plan the following weeks or months of work much better and calculate the efficiency and profits from individual crops - these activities are usually performed after the harvest period.
I grow strawberries and raspberries in the tunnels. I employ around 40 people at the peak. I know that this type of software will help me a lot, but I'm afraid that only large farms can afford such a luxury. What is the cost of Max Crop? Is there an alternative for smaller farms?
The price is very affordable, individually tailored and proportional to the size of the farm. Therefore, approximately 50% of our clients are smaller companies that focus on development and innovation. Buying a computer is also an investment and an expense, but working without one would be extremely difficult and unprofessional. It is the same with The Max Crop System.
It is important to me that employees are paid on a piecework basis. I set different prices depending on the customer. The fruit containers are collected daily in different packages, e.g. 150g or 200g. Moreover, the price for a given package may vary daily. Will Max Crop handle it?
Of course. This is precisely why the Smart Farm Work Assistant - Max Crop was created. In line with what is required, we can freely determine the weight of the packages, their quantity, and the individual price for each day of picking, each variety and each package.
I grow strawberries. My problem is that, when I'm not in the field, the employees pick low-quality fruits. The customer has already pointed this out to me several times and once even rejected the entire pallet. What can I do in such a situation? Can I mark the collected boxes?
High-quality control is one of the best features that is gained after introducing the Max Crop System. We receive up-to-date information on who, where and when the fruit is picked. Thanks to the system's full integration, we have access to data, both from the computer and the phone.
I want to pay employees per picked kilogramme, but sometimes per piece; is that a problem?
The method of payment and its calculation is entirely up to you. Thanks to the Max Crop System, you can calculate by kilograms, pieces and "per hour" - at the end of the day, everything will be clearly and transparently calculated and paid.
Someone left a tray/box in a row.
Thanks to our methods of marking and saving data, you can determine who left the tray/box. You can also find out who did not pick appropriately in a row, even a few days after the job was done.
I spend too much time on payroll. I keep making mistakes. Employees complain about their wages not being appropriately calculated.
Payroll for employees on farms where work is not standardised (e.g. eight hours a day, five times a week) requires much more effort and calculation. Also, there are piecework payments and a big employee rotation. From our experience, we know how it all works very well, which is why the Max Crop System solves all issues related to the preparation of payments. And it does it quickly and reliably.
I don't know what yield I have per plant of each variety. I have several varieties in one field, is it possible to calculate that?
Yes, the Max Crop System will automatically count all the data for a given variety and display a summary of individual fields, crops and varieties.
I have a problem with employees working on an 'hourly basis'; they are late and do not work reliably.
Even when employees are working on an hourly basis, we can conduct an individual performance report for each employee and control the work's quality thanks to the Max Crop System.

Smart Farm Assistant

Max Crop

Should a good employee be quick or accurate? You don't need to ask yourself this question anymore. Max Crop counts, accounts and reports within minutes of completing the picking. Fast, accurate - smart!
+44 7843 734948

The Max Crop System is perfect for managing our blueberry plantation. The System is very intuitive and easy to use, both for the employees and the management staff who analyse the data collected by Max Crop during the picking process.

Sandra Stefaniak
Borówka Wielkopolska, Agro Trade

The implementation of the Max Crop System in our farm has resulted in the minimisation of the time for calculating wages from 30 days to one day. The system is transparent, easy to use, and the software works 24 hours a day. We came out of the Stone Age, from notebooks and pens, illegible handwriting and errors resulting in the duplication of the same names and surnames. We now have ongoing post-picking data which enables immediate analysis of the situation on the plantations, with no errors.

Ewa Januchowska
"Dobra Truskawka" - Farm

The Max Crop System makes picking much faster and better. It is effortless to use. If you have questions or doubts, you can count on quick help from the customer service. The system passed the exam with an A+. I highly recommend it.

Łukasz Ruszkowski

I can no longer imagine picking-control without the Max Crop System. Without a scanner and your software, it would be not easy to cope with the picking process. The use of such a system facilitates the supervision and control of employees.

Hanna Moscardo Malinowski
Berry Bliss Farm

Max Crop is excellent software that speeds up the picking of the blueberries in the field and makes it easier for me to pay my employees. The program is simple and straightforward, and at the same time, has many exciting functions. I truly recommend it.

Ariel Marcinek

The Max Crop System met and exceeded my expectations. It is handy on my farm and very easy to use. I recommend it to all the growers.

Robert Długołęcki
Fruit Farm
Creators of Max Crop System
Those are the Max Crop System inventors which effectively improves farm work.

Hubert Sobolewski


Marek Chorobinski

CEO - Managing Director
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